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“I would have to say that working with Greg Tingle and is an absolute pleasure. Greg is an extremely enthusiastic affiliate who puts in the hard work and yes we are starting to see some excellent results her at Party Gaming. Greg and I work very closely and liaise on a regular basis analyzing his stats, ongoing media campaigns and any other necessary updates that should be noted. Greg is constantly switched on and definitely has his finger on the pulse. I believe the sky’s the limit for Greg Tingle and and with my expertise and Greg’s hard work we are ready to take to the next level. Greg, Party Gaming thanks you for all of you support and hard work and I look forward to working with you for many years to come" Davin Jacobson; Affiliate Manager- IGlobal Media (PartyGaming)

“Greg Tingle's enthusiasm, proactivity, and spot-on instincts set his promotional work apart from the crowd. His tremendous dedication to his clients and to the industry in which he works is a great asset to the international online business community.” Nathan Denny, Senior Copywriter, Affiliate Media, Inc.

“Greg is very ambitious and does a great job in promoting PartyGaming and Party brands in the Australian / Asia Pacific region. I have been working with Greg for a couple of months and see growing revenues every month. I am confident that Greg will be a important partner in our growth in the Australian / Asia Pacific region.”
Nicklas Zajdel, Affiliate Manager, IGlobal Media Israel (PartyGaming)

“Greg Tingle is articulate, highly motivated, well connected and pleasure to work with on any level. His advice is of a high quality as is his body of work. I can highly recommend Greg Tingle as a journalist and media coordinator.”
Vanessa Pearce , Dir. of Research Sydney Chapter. , Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

“Greg Tingle is an enthusiastic, sincere person who I'm very grateful I met at the Live Earth day about 1 year ago at The Newport Arms. He has been an inspiration & a powerhouse in his passionate concern for the environment as he fights the imminent catastrophe of Global Warming. He has been a real workhorse in his dedication to see Pittwater High School become a solar power station. What an assistant he has been to me especially with his many contacts in the media & his rare ability to search out information & contacts etc & follow it unswervingly through to completion. Thanks Greg. A pleasure to work with you especially as I know you're bent on success as I am!!!”
Bill Holland , Dr , Vermigold

“Greg is an excellent communicator with boundless passion and energy for the projects and causes that he believes in. His ability to get his head around complex issues and his readiness to accept advice and counsel from experts in the field and apply that to the task at hand is impressive. He is a classic "connector" between inspired ideas and people and the resources required to get the job done.”
Tim Hanlin , Managing Director , Australian Climate Exchange Ltd

“Greg started promoting our online products a few years ago, and I'm happy to say that this has been a rewarding and fruitful partnership ever since. Greg is a very driven, motivated and enthusiastic individual, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended :)”
Pierrick Leveque, Virgin Games

“Greg is one of the most passionate PR people I know. We worked together on a pilot for a series called H'it'! which was to see a group of young creatives work and live together in a 'production house' producing new age content for 12 weeks. Greg was going to be one of the judges. He is also an expert in getting your Company name high up on the search lists.”
Brett Clements

“Greg is a good, hard working media publicist who gets results.”
Richard Bradley Productions

“Greg is a legend in the media industry. A true thought leader in his field of media relations - his infectious energy is impossible to resist. If you're trying to get your message out to a massive audience - get Greg on your team. There isn't anyone else like Greg!”
Vicki Prout , Owner , High Profile Executive Media & High Profile Events

“Greg Tingle is ahead of his game and is well recognised as one of the best journalists in Australia. His name is no stranger to the media world such as magazines, newspapers and television because of his high calibre profile as being sophisticated and very professional!”
Rhys O'Connell , Owner , ROC PRESENTS

“Greg is a committed and hard working media manager, and has some very valuable connections that he has passed to me, and value Greg's advice on the media in Australia.”
Cheyenne Morrison , Owner , Coldwell Banker Morrison's Private Islands

“Greg is a legend in the media industry. A true thought leader in his field of media relations - his infectious energy is impossible to resist. If you're trying to get your message out to a massive audience - get Greg on your team. There isn't anyone else like Greg!”
Craig Rispin, CSP, Future Trends Group

“Greg is extremely capable and passionate about what he does. He has a unbeatable work ethic and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a PR person who will go way beyond what is expected.”
Kevin James

“Great trustworthy guy, highly recommended”
Steve Cooke , Manager , St Andrews Golf Vacations

"a good communicator"..."you'll fly ahead in the media" : John Laws, Broadcaster, Radio 2UE

"a great young man with a great media future. The media needs more like you" : Paul Murray, Announcer, Nova 969

"Greg has linked us to the world"..."his work, time and energy is of the highest calibre" : Rozita Leoni, Co-ordinator, Community Initiatives Group

"I would thoroughly support him" : Dennis Heffernan, Head Teacher, Communication and Media Studies, TAFE

"will continue to be successful in any business he pursues, particularly Sales, TV, Media and Entertainment. This is due to his drive, confidence and work ethic" : Steve Rackman, Actor

"I would like to let SMH know that Greg is a professional"..."you are a credit to your organisation" : Sonia Kafiris, TMP Worldwide

"tenacious and enthusiastic" : Graham Young, Editor, Online Opinion

"very professional" : Joy Hruby, Actor and Producer, Channel 31 Sydney

"Greg is a creative and media - savvy individual who understands the entertainment industry: Jonathan Foley, Manager, Q Casting

"your sincere quality of journalism reflect your motivation, and that impresses me" : Matthew Bristow, Director, Bristow Films

"you should do very well in the media" : "Big" Tim Bristow, Private Investigator

"I've recently met Greg Tingle by way of the Internet and have been very very impressed by his website. Greg goes after a story with much tenacity to make it a top notch feature. He asks all the right questions and gets to the point to make his stories factual, interesting and exciting. I feel very fortunate to have made Greg's acquaintance and being a part of some of his interviews. I see a good future for Greg in the media business and I feel confident that he has what it takes to make it to the top" : Ric Drasin, Actor, Fitness Trainer & Bodybuilder

"hardest working man in the media business" : David Steinhoff, Photographer & Script Writer

"his skills are unsurpassed when it comes to the Australian media and P.R. industry. Greg has demonstrated to be a man of his word and sees his goals through to fruition"..."I believe that Greg Tingle was born to come forth to take the stage and to take the stage...and to play-out an inspiring role in the future of the global media" : Billy "Wiz" Wizzard, Caricaturist, DJ Legend & Author

"Greg Tingle certainly knows his way around Cyberspace. Greg has demonstrated to us that he has the intimate knowledge of all the cyber 'Kazbars' and 'pit stops for travellers' that are essential to someone or something 'being found' in this medium. His energy and enthusiasm seems to be indefatigable, for both his own projects and the projects of others that he undertakes. If you find H'it'! TV in one of those online 'Kazbars' chances are it's because Greg has put it there" : Kate Neale, Executive Producer Development, Hi't! & Eduality Television

"Greg Tingle has a passion for the media I've not seen in very many years. Sustaining passion is hard in a business which eats its first born but it is good to know that any taxpayers dollars allotted to Greg in the shape of a grant will power him on to greater heights and the country will get every cent of value. At a time when the local production industry is threatened by a fragmented marketplace, deregulation, digitization and free trade, watering the grass roots has never been more important to the future of our business, and the culture it promotes. Greg Tingle does what he says he is going to do": Brett Clements, Hi't! Creator & Executive Producer

"We have found Greg Tingle broadcaster and public relations man to be profession, talented and a man of his word. In a recent interview Greg asked perceptive questions in order to elicit appreciate answers regarding our business. An excellent article that focussed on contributions made to the entertainment industry by our company, Jacobsen Entertainment and other Australian promoters followed the interview. Greg is a multi talented individual who is passionate about the industry of which he is part. He is personable, reliable and highly technical. As a TV presenter, journalist, broadcaster and PR man together with his ability and work ethic, Greg has all the prerequisites to reach the top of his chosen career. Overall we find Greg Tingle to be an impressive individual. We believe he deserves strong government and industry support, and remain confident that such support will be rewarded many times over during his career. Please feel free to contact either Kevin or Michael Jacobsen should you need any further information": Michael Jacobsen O.A.M

"Abner Zurd counts on Greg Tingle for up-to-the-minute, smart and insider info on international media and everything Aussie" : Abner Zurd (Lorraine Fontanes), Film Maker & Political Candidate (California)

"Your onto something with your"! : Evan Ginzburg, Entertainment Promoter

"Australian media crusader" : Danny Schechter, Executive Editor, & GlobalVision

"Congratulations to Gtingle, RTR and Virginspikey who respectively win the Casino, Poker and Bingo best improved affiliate Competition Prize for March 08. Kudos to you!" Virgin Games


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